A Guide to CBD Dosage

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A lot has been learned in recent years about the effects of medical marijuana. From promising leads on its use as a powerful painkiller, to its potential as an anti-psychotic and seizure medication, it seems like every month we’re finding a new application for this powerful little plant. The benefits of marijuana are based around chemical compounds known as “cannabinoids” found inside the plant. These cannabinoids interact with our human “endocannabinoid system”, and help regulate things like pain perception, sleepiness, mood stability and appetite. THC has gotten the lions share of coverage and research, as it is the cannabinoid which provides, among other things, the famous “high” which results from smoking marijuana, but THC has a hard-working little brother, another cannabinoid known as CBD. Dosing CBD can be a bit tough, so let’s help you out with your CBD Dosage.

Little was known about CBD during the prohibition years of cannabis, largely because medical research surrounding the plant was forbidden during that time. Growth and cultivation was left in the hands of the black market, who saw little need to research or genetically select strains high in CBD, as from their perspective it wouldn’t help their products to market. No high, no interest. Well, as it turns out, they couldn’t have been more wrong. As research roars forward in light of Marijuana’s recent reintroduction to mainstream society, CBD has taken the front seat when it comes to medical applications for the plant. Boasting many of the endo-cannabinoid benefits present in THC, CBD has the added benefit of zero psychoactive effect. In layman’s terms, it doesn’t get you high.

cbd dosage, dosing cbd
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Concentrated CBD comes in all shapes and sizes. From pills to oils, vaporizing cartridges, edible treats and even cosmetics, there is no shortage of ways for people to take their CBD-based medicine. Pills are one of the most popular methods, typically stored in a bottle and swallowed with water, these varying strength capsules are portable, discrete and convenient for people who don’t want to measure their dosage every single time. The same goes for CBD edibles, as each gummy or chocolate should be measured out to a specific amount of CBD per unit.

Oil tinctures are also increasing in popularity. Stored in glass containers, oil of various strengths can be consumed using eye dropper (usually attached to the lid of the tincture). While a little bit less convenient than capsules, tinctures give you the added bonus of custom dose sizes (want a little more? Fill the eye dropper more!). Another advantage of taking oil is that of “Sublingual application”. What the heck does that mean? Well, underneath your tongue lies a mucous membrane, packed with capillaries (tiny blood vessels). By holding the oil underneath your tongue, you can actually have the CBD dosage absorbed into your blood faster than by taking it orally and waiting for it to be processed by your digestive system!

Another method is through vaporization. Concentrated CBD oil, packed into tanks and heated to a specific temperature can be inhaled into the lungs, leading to fast dispersion throughout the body. While being difficult to measure just exactly how much CBD your inhaling with each puff (everyone’s lung capacity is slightly different, not the mention variance in concentration of oil), this method is by far the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD. The lungs lead directly to into your heart and bloodstream, allowing for the dispersal of CBD throughout the body in mere minutes.

Finally, we come to the last method of CBD consumption currently available, topical cosmetics. CBD has been added to all sorts of things, from soaps to lip balms, roll-on pain sticks and bath bombs. Dosage gets a little trickier here, as the abundance of other ingredients in these products means that the CBD will usually be quite diluted. Regardless, the concentration of CBD should be listed on the side of the container. Simply divide that by the overall weight, and you’ll know how much CBD is present per gram of the substance.

cbd dosage, dosing cbd, cbd oil dosage

Okay, so now let’s get to the real reason you’re all here: CBD dosage. What is the optimal amount of CBD for one to be taking daily? Well, its not such a straight forward answer. As human beings possess a huge variety of body weight and metabolisms, the perfect amount is going change person to person. However, most professionals recommend taking 5-10mg of CBD, twice daily, over the course of several weeks.  Depending on your condition, starting at a higher dose may be needed. Reference the chart above for a good starting point!. From that point on you can adjust the dose, either increasing or decreasing it, depending on your needs.

cbd dosage, dosing cbd, cbd oil dosage
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