Should the ACDC Strain Be Your Solution To Pain?

acdc strain

Although cannabis was widely accepted as a natural form of medicine before the era of pot prohibition, its medicinal properties disappeared from the American pharmacopeia once the era of prohibition began. However, with 33 U.S. states now recognizing that cannabis does indeed have medicinal value, CBD and by extension, cannabis, has become a household name among medical patients due to its ability to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of medical conditions.

However, not all medical marijuana users appreciate the psychoactive effects associated with the cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and thus, cultivators have developed strains which feature higher CBD levels instead of THC . The cannabis strain ACDC is just one of many such strains.

In this review of the ACDC cannabis strain, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about one of the most popular high CBD content medical cannabis strains available today!

ACDC’s Genetics

shutterstock 1171164349ACDC is a cross between Cannabis Ruderalis and the Cannatonic strain, another CBD dominant strain. While Cannatonic was popular among cannabis users who were looking for a moderate buzz accompanied by deep relaxation and pain relief, the THC content was still too high for some users who simply wanted the anxiety and pain relief provided by ingesting CBD without the psychoactive side effects of THC.

As a result, Cannatonic was then crossed with low THC Ruderalis plants  to produce a medical cannabis strain with a THC content of 1-6% and a CBD content of 15% to 20%.

Depending on its growing environment, the appearance of ACDC can vary widely. Due to its equal sativa and indica genetics, ACDC generally produces small, compact, buds that have a mossy appearance and that range in color from light green to dark green intermixed with red pistils.  Buds can also be encrusted with bright, crystalline-looking, trichomes. However, it should be noted that the crystalline appearance is misleading because the trichomes contain minimal THC.

ACDC’s Effects

ACDC is the perfect strain for users that are looking for a more relaxing effect in lieu of a psychoactive one. With such a low THC content, medical patients who ingest the ACDC cannabis strain will very likely feel little to no psychoactive side effects whatsoever. Many will feel a deep calming effect as any anxiety they might be experiencing melts away.

The ACDC strain is a great choice for those who experience social anxiety. Due to the low amounts of THC, the ACDC strain will not distort a person’s cognitive function and while also providing the user with a comfortable and content sense of well being.

     Furthermore, due to the fact that CBD is well known to interact with the human body’s Endocannabinoid System in order to maintain a state of homeostasis, the ACDC strain is also adept at relieving anxiety, muscle spasms, pain, and migraine headaches.

Flavour & Aroma – ACDC Strain

shutterstock 1481465843    

ACDC exudes a pleasant aroma due to its complicated terpene profile. Myrcene produces a herbal scent and accompanying pinene and Caryophyllene produces a pine scent and a pungent, peppery smell, respectively. In fact, many cannabis consumers describe the aroma of ACDC as sweet yet, also earthy with a whiff of skunk. Plus, some even described smelling a hint of fruit while others have reported smelling cherry and lemongrass.

Similar to its aroma, users will be greeted with a pleasant taste when firing up a bowl of ACDC! Due to its terpene content, ACDC has a sweet, herbal, taste with hints of pine and traces of pepper. Many users report that the taste is quite pungent with a distinct earthy flavor and a whiff of sweetness combined with a hint of citrus.

What to Expect From Using ACDC

     Due to ACDC’s low THC content and its exceptionally high CBD, you’ll feel a very minimal, if any sort of “high.” One of the main appeals of this particular cannabis strain is that it makes it possible for patients to go about their day-to-day activities without feeling any difference in their cognitive abilities or any changes in their behavior or emotions.

ACDC will not impair you while driving; nor will it make you start laughing hysterically over something others simply don’t understand and, it won’t cause you to raid your refrigerator with the intention of eating everything in sight, though it’s still strongly recommended to not operate motor vehicles or machinery while under the influence.

     Instead, you will likely find that you feel more relaxed and freer of stress after consuming ACDC. In addition, many users report feeling a lessening or cessation of minor body aches and pains as well as an increase in their feelings of joy, pleasure and, overall contentment after consuming ACDC.

Some users have reported increased concentration and an increased ability to focus when using ACDC. Plus, due to its exceptionally high CBD content, ACDC has been reported to alleviate inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and even depression in some patients.

ACDC’s Possible Side Effects

While ACDC most certainly will not cause any cannabis user to feel “high” after ingesting it due to its lack of THC, some users have reported feeling a dry mouth or, “cottonmouth” as the condition is known among cannabis users. In addition, a much smaller percentage of users have reported feeling a drying of their eyes which is also a common reaction to cannabis consumption.

However, it should also be noted that a very few users have reported feeling a sense of paranoia after ingesting ACDC while others have reported feeling dizzy and, others still have reported that it gave them a headache. Thus, if you decide to try the ACDC medical cannabis stain, then you should do so with caution by starting off small before slowly increasing the amount.

Concluding thoughts on the ACDC Strain

shutterstock 1296586384    Considering ACDC’s exceptionally low THC content and its exceptionally high CBD content, it is safe to say that ACDC qualifies as a true medical cannabis strain. In fact, with a THC content of 1% or less and a CBD content of 11% to 20%, ACDC has one of the highest THC to CBD ratios of any cannabis strain presently on the market.

Consequently, it’s not surprising that it is such a popular medical cannabis strain for patients who specifically want a strain with all of the medical benefits associated with CBD but none of adverse psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Since ACDC has minimal adverse effects on a person’s cognitive and physical abilities while also imparting a positive effect on mood, physical relief , and ability to focus, it’s is the perfect choice for medical and recreational users alike who want to remain completely sober while medicating with cannabis.

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