AVB – Get The Most Out of Your Already Vaped Bud

avb guide

AVB – If you’re a frequent vaporizer of your cannabis, you might be unknowingly robbing yourself of unused cannabinoids by throwing away your vaped bud.  Already vaped bud -or AVB for short – is the crisp brown bud leftover after a successful vaping session that sometimes still carries a potent load of cannabinoids. While vaping […]

Cannabis Oil – Everything You Need To Know

Cannabis oil – the widespread of cannabis consumption for medicinal purposes has paved the way for a market of cannabinoid-infused products and cannabis extracts.  With no shortage of options when it comes to cannabis, consumers have the luxury of testing and trying out a variety of products, each with their own unique effects.  Cannabis oils […]

Blunt Vs Joint – Are They Different?

blunt vs joint comparison

Tokers are innovative people, and when it comes to consuming cannabis, there’s no end to the ingenuity, but is there a difference when it comes to a blunt vs joint?  While they may look similar to the untrained eye, these 2 smoking techniques couldn’t any more different from each other.  Stay with us and we’ll […]

Charlotte’s Web – A Story of Compassion and Triumph

charlotte's web

Not all proponents of medical marijuana are looking to get stoned off of their medicine; many patients prefer CBD in lieu of a psychoactive THC experience – and that’s where Charlotte’s Web shines.  Originally a controversial strain, Charlotte’s Web quickly became the face for the medical marijuana movement when it helped a young child overcome […]