How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? Drug and Urine Test Answers


Most of the time, people ask the question, “How long is CBD detectable in your system?” because of concerns around ever taking a drug test. Another common question regarding CBD in your system is something along the lines of, “How long is CBD detectable in urine?” Now, this question pops up a lot because drug […]

These High CBD Strains Are Voted The Best


You may have heard about the enormous therapeutic benefits that CBD poses for a range of ailments. But are the stories true?  If you’re unsure of the evidence, the resounding scientific consensus is that yes, cannabis, and high CBD strains in particular, can provide relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. […]

What Is CBD Distillate And How Does It Differ From Isolate And Oil?


What is CBD Distillate, this mysterious yet widely recognized concentrate? Eponymously named after the production process, you’ve probably heard about it, perhaps because CBD distillate is one of the strongest extracts available today. It boasts at one of the highest purity rates (second only to isolate) at 90 percent potency.  However, that doesn’t mean that […]

How To Make CBD Distillate From Oil Or Flower


Whether you’re starting with CBD oil or flower and hemp, we’ve got you covered with this guide on how to make CBD distillate.   Can you imagine if your favourite coffee tasted differently each time you bought one? Or if the caffeine content varied greatly from batch to batch? Luckily most food and beverages are […]

Does CBD And Coffee Really Mix And Should You Try It? Facts


From vaping to tinctures, many people have discovered the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Perhaps, that’s why everywhere you look CBD is being added to creams, pet treats, gummies lotions and now – your beverages.  Specifically, ‘CBD coffee’, is becoming increasingly popular. That is, a few drops of CBD oil mixed in with your morning cup […]

How To Extract CBD Oil From Hemp And Cannabis Easily At Home

How To Extract CBD Oil From Hemp And Cannabis Easily At Home     CBD is great for relieving a host of symptoms ranging anywhere from arthritis to inflammation to anxiety. With its promise in a variety of medical applications, you may be wondering how to extract cbd oil from hemp and cannabis yourself! You’ve […]