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Interested in learning about the different ways of how CBD can be consumed? This category is all about an analysis of CBD’s consumption methods, such as vaporizing, smoking, ingesting and etcetera.

How Does CBD Make You Feel? Topicals, Edibles and More


There remains a lot of confusion surrounding CBD oil and how it makes you feel. But this is not surprising in the slightest. Unfortunately, CBD is often grouped together with THC, the compound that makes you high. So, it’s safe to say that this assumption that CBD shoots you into the stars doesn’t help public perception. […]

Critical Mass Strain: The Perfect 1:1 Ratio

Ever since CBD has gone mainstream, there has been an increasing demand for the product. While CBD is available in all sorts of different forms, ranging from oils to tinctures and extracts, a lot of people prefer to get their CBD the original way: by smoking it in cannabis flower. While industrial hemp is generally […]

Should the ACDC Strain Be Your Solution To Pain?

acdc strain

Although cannabis was widely accepted as a natural form of medicine before the era of pot prohibition, its medicinal properties disappeared from the American pharmacopeia once the era of prohibition began. However, with 33 U.S. states now recognizing that cannabis does indeed have medicinal value, CBD and by extension, cannabis, has become a household name […]

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? Drug and Urine Test Answers


Most of the time, people ask the question, “How long is CBD detectable in your system?” because of concerns around ever taking a drug test. Another common question regarding CBD in your system is something along the lines of, “How long is CBD detectable in urine?” Now, this question pops up a lot because drug […]

What Is CBD Distillate And How Does It Differ From Isolate And Oil?


What is CBD Distillate, this mysterious yet widely recognized concentrate? Eponymously named after the production process, you’ve probably heard about it, perhaps because CBD distillate is one of the strongest extracts available today. It boasts at one of the highest purity rates (second only to isolate) at 90 percent potency.  However, that doesn’t mean that […]

Interested in Winterizing Cannabis for CBD Oil? Here’s How


Ever wonder why some concentrates like distillate and shatter have a beautiful, clear amber colour? And why others, such as tinctures and budder, have a forest-green colour? The secret lies in a refinement process known as “winterization.” It doesn’t have anything to do with the winter, but extreme cold is definitely one of the primary […]