CBD Changed My Life Forever

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It’s not easy to admit when you’re life is a downward spiral that sees no end in sight. Even more so when doctor after doctor tell you that everything is going to be alright. For them, “alright” is a phrase that’s used vary aggressively and without much context to what the actual situation is. Turns out when you are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, not everything is going to be alright. Countless rounds of liver destroying medication, complete agony and a being in a mental state that resembles a prisoner shackled to their death bed is not “alright”. Thankfully there was an answer to the questions I could not even begin to ask or look for answer. CBD changed my life forever in a way that only those who suffer from Fibromyalgia could begin to explain.


Never Felt Pain Like This

fibromyalgia, marijuana, cannabis

For those who don’t know the symptoms are, or how Fibro influences the daily life of those who suffer from this chronic condition. When I wake up, sometimes the pain isn’t there, and for a brief moment I remember what it was like to have that care free feeling I had when I was 20. They say you don’t know what you got until it’s gone, that couldn’t ring more true to me. I wouldn’t wish the pain I feel on anyone, not even for a second. Most days start off with a complete lack of energy, a fatigue that feels if a dementor had sucked the soul out of me while I was sleeping. Finally, if the energy comes to me I will “happily” get out of bed to a breakfast of chronic pain and trigger points that have the sensation of someone jabbing a kebab skewer into my flesh. While all this fun and happy stuff is going on, there’s always the lovely feeling of extremely dry eyes and a mouth that has a similar texture to the Sahara desert after an intense 200 day drought.

Now, if I make it to the bathroom is the real fun part. Those skewers that were being jabbed inside, are now festering in my bowel system and having what can only be described as a fourth of July celebration. A common symptom of Fibromyalgia is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, also known as IBS. Which basically means by bowels are not properly regulated and it causes tons of bloating and gas like I ate 3 cans of re-fried beans.

I don’t want to act like nobody has it worse, because that wouldn’t be true at all. There’s tons of conditions, and living situations out there that truly make life harder to live than having fibro, but I haven’t lived through those scenarios and can only speak on the life that I’m living. The beautiful thing about this life is truly finding help from where you least expect it. Step in CBD, the help I so desperately was seeking but didn’t know where to look.


CBD, Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia, marijuana, cannabis

I had messed around with pot before, but never got truly understood what it was because of the propaganda pill we’d all been forced to swallow in the 20th century. Cannabis and CBD was listed right beside heroine and the Devil in things to completely avoid for your entire life. I was completely blindsided when my friend Theresa came running into my apartment with news that would literally change my life. She kept going off about an article that she read on the internet about tons of people treating their Fibro with cannabis. I quickly laughed at her, dismissing her ludicrous remarks as some attempt to sell me snake oil from the dark web. Even though her claims seemed nuts to me, I looked at the page she had sent me, then another, and another. And finally after 2 weeks of turning the internet upside it’s head and shaking all the info I could out of it, it looked clear to me that there was more than just a sliver a truth in her words.

I took my freshly printed papers and ran to my doctor ready to wage war. A war against who I wasn’t sure, but I knew I had enough ammo to bring down the entire Persian army in 300. What I wasn’t expecting was how ignorant my doctor was to scientific facts, anecdotal evidence and my complete and utter acceptance to trying a new medicine. It soon became very clear to me that he was A) Not open to accepting that there is even a possibility cannabis will help my situation and B) He wouldn’t be making any money off my condition anymore, as he continually kept attempting to sign my life away to a different name on the same medication I’d been using for the last few years. Turns out not every doctor is on your side like the home team.

I decided to take my talents a friend of a friend who so happens to have medicine that I’ve been gravely desperate for. It was a little weird being in the middle of my first “drug deal” as the government would like to call it. All I saw was a very kind hearted man, selling a little bag of grass that would change the path I’d been walking. From that moment on I haven’t looked back, at what could have been a life full of distress and utter pain.


The Science

marijuana, cannabis, fibromyalgia

Research in this field is relatively new, but the information is there. Those who deal with Fibromyalgia often suffer irregularities in their endocannabinoid system. Having levels higher than normal of Glutmate can lead to damage and inflammation. Cannabis has an amazing effect of regulating the Endocannabinoid system and relieving our bodies of inflammation and Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Basically the perfect cocktail I’d been looking for (I do enjoy a singapore sling but those wont help anyone).

I can’t really begin to thank cannabis enough, considering it’s a plant that wont listen to me, on how much it’s helped turn my life from 0 to 100. It’s not often that a play from left field goes and changes your life for the better. CBD, you have done something that doctors and modern medicine couldn’t do, bring me back to a life that’s loving and enjoyable.

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