CBD Edibles | Effects and Information

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CBD Edibles | Effects and Information

Known as Cannabidiol, CBD is quickly becoming one of the most sought after all-around health supplements on the market. But have you heard of CBD Edibles?

CBD is derived from the Cannabis plant, yet it has the interesting benefit of being non-psychoactive. In layman’s terms – CBD will not get you high. Still, an overwhelming amount of research conclusively shows that CBD can be used for a multitude of health benefits.

CBD can be smoked through a vaporizer or distilled and ingested in pill form. Today we will be talking about the tastiest alternative to those two options: CBD Edibles!

For those concerned with lung health, or otherwise just looking to spice up their health routine, CBD edibles are without a doubt the best option!

If you’re not convinced, I’m going to break it down nice and easy. Following are 11 great reasons why you should try CBD edibles:


cbd, cbd edibles

While it can take a little longer to feel the effects of CBD edibles (30 minutes to two hours, depending on your metabolism), the resulting effects will last much, much longer than through traditional methods of inhaling.

CBD Edibles, much like THC Edibles, are combined with other foods like brownies or ice cream and eaten. Having CBD processed through your stomach and digestive system leads to a much slower release of the medicine, resulting in relaxing, slow-moving CBD relief.

So much so, that CBD edibles can last up to four hours longer than other methods of ingestion!

CBD is non-psychoactive

cbd, cbd edibles

Despite the fact that it is derived from the Cannabis plant, CBD contains no psychoactive qualities! For those who seek effective daytime relief without any inebriating high, CBD is the best option. Users can expect however, a calmer disposition, and a mindset free of anxiety.

In addition to these mild cognitive effects, CBD edibles ensure long-lasting relief from pain or stress, and is especially effective for those suffering from arthritis or PTSD.

Simple to Make!

cbd, cbd edibles

If you know how to bake (as any good stoner should), then you already know how to make CBD edibles. There are many CBD extractions available, such as CBD powder, which can simply be added to whichever recipe you are making for accurate dosing and delicious results.

I personally recommend the Brio CBD Bites!

Lung Health is Important!

cbd, cbd edibles

Vaporizer pens are becoming more and more popular, but the long-term effects of inhaling the vapor from hot-oil remain untested, and lots of vapor liquid contains dangerous agents such as propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG)

Some research implies that either of those compounds could produce carcinogens when heated to vaping temperature (above 436℉, or 224℃).

CBD edibles are an excellent way of avoiding inhalation altogether, all while providing the benefits previously mentioned!

Harmony with Other Plant Medicines

cbd, cbd edibles

While certainly being one of the most popular, Cannabis isn’t the only medicinal plant that exists.

In fact, CBD can have amplified effects, when combined with other herbs. Lavender is a good example of this, which contains the aroma molecule “linalool”.

Linalool is part of a classified with other smell and taste based compounds as “terpenes”.

Terpenes are what give your favorite plants their distinctive smell! Cannabis is one of those terpene-containing plants. When making CBD edibles, you can add other helpful herbs to your food which may augment the effects of the Cannabinoid CBD. Lavender and the linalool it contains is known to have calming effects. Try mixing some lavender extract in with your edibles and see your effects amplify!

Online Availability

cbd, cbd edibles

You can find a whole host of CBD edibles available on the internet! Because it is non-psychoactive, regulations surrounding CBD vary, but are generally softer than the high-producing counterpart of THC.

CBD edibles are ready and able to be shipped all over Canada, the US, and are available in some European countries.

Healthy Counterbalance to THC

cbd, cbd edibles

CBD as an extremely effective way to combat the anxiety from smoking lots of very strong cannabis! If you’re ever feeling “too high”, CBD can be used to balance out the psychoactive THC effects and leave you in a relaxed, appreciative and capable mindset.

There is much research which implies that CBD calms the effects of THC, bringing relaxation to those who might be experiencing some uncomfortable effects from Cannabis use. Try mixing and matching CBD and THC edibles and find a combination which works for you!

Easy to Measure Dose!

cbd, cbd edibles

While inhaling CBD from a vape pen, its near impossible to tell how much CBD you’re ingesting each time. Not with CBD Edibles! Pre-dosed serving sizes allow you to fully calculate how much CBD you’ve taken, which will allow you to determine your optimal dose to achieve your specific results.

Edibles are Discrete

cbd, cbd edibles

Sometimes smoking or vaping CBD is not practical or possible. During long flights or at work, you may not be able to step outside for a calm moment of inhalation. But with CBD edibles, relief is just a gummy bear away, and can be eaten in public without rousing any attention.

Safe with Beneficial Side Effects

cbd, cbd edibles

High doses of CBD have been shown to increase the effects of certain prescription drugs, which in some cases allows patients to lessen their dose. In addition, CBD is seen to be easily tolerated, with even extremely large doses producing no negative effects.

Wide Applicability

cbd, cbd edibles

Taking CBD has been shown to produce positive effects in a multitude of patients with a variety of conditions. Epilepsy, PTSD, arthritis are some of the largest patient groups to show legitimate, proven results.

Although, a serious medical ailment is not necessary to see benefits from CBD! CBD Edibles can be used to treat milder conditions such as headaches, sports recovery pains, insomnia, nausea and a whole host of others.

Pain medications such as ibuprofen have been shown to cause stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding! Next time you’re in need, think about grabbing some CBD instead. Enter our shop for the best selection of CBD products in Canada!

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