CBD Oil Benefits

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Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is a fully non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in Cannabis. Used for a host of conditions as varied as inflammation and PTSD, it usage is growing in Canada, along with the methods possible to take the medicine. CBD dosing methods are as varied as its medical benefits. It can be added to food, oils, cosmetics and topicals. Today we’ll take a look at some CBD Oil Benefits and options for taking cannabidiol.


CBD oil benefits come from it  being extracted from Cannabis in a number of ways, but the most common is the C02 extraction method. This basically entails passing C02 through the plant matter at warm temperatures, capturing the CBD then purifying it of the solvent afterwards, leaving you with pure CBD Oil! This is the most preferred method, as it does not damage the planphoenix tears 100mg CBD, baked ediblest, which can happen with other techniques.

Some brands of CBD oil choose to add additional oils to help thin their product. This can be to dilute the strength, or simply to make it easier to consume from spray bottles! Spray bottles are a pretty common way to take CBD. Another method is to portion them and put them in capsules, which are then consumed orally. Another method would be to take CBD oil and apply to food.

If you want to maximize the efficiency and speed of having CBD entered into your system, you’ll want to ingest it sublingually. What does that mean? Its when you hold the oil under your tongue for roughly 90 seconds, allowing it to reach the bloodstream faster and bypass the digestion process. It does this by being absorbed into glands under your tongue, moving next directly into your blood stream. Much faster than waiting for it to be digested the traditional, eating and waiting way.

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures can be produced either by using vegetable glycerin or high-grade alcohol. Generally they will be combined with hemp oil to create a supplement of a similar grade to CBD oils. Usually the concentration of tinctures are lower than pure CBD oil, but they are consumed in the same way, either under the tongue or added to food. Because tinctures contain lower amounts of CBD, they are usually a bit cheaper and a good place to start for those curios about CBD and their health!

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CBD Cosmetics & Hygiene

CBD use is not limited to oils and edibles either! CBD Infused cosmetics are another method which is quickly gaining popularity. CBD oil can easily be added to topical items such as face wash, shampoo, creams and other balms to create specialty CBD products. These are commonly mixed with pleasing additives like coconut oil or shea butter. But are they effective? Yes, topical agents work by absorbing into the skin cells, instead of through the digestive tract, but are still absorbed by the body, albeit a little bit slower.

Vaping CBD

Finally, CBD can be vaped in similar fashion as other vaping liquids. As methods go, this is probably my favorite, largely because it works faster than by taking CBD edibles. When you eat an edible it has to pass through your stomach and then your intestines to get fully absorbed. Vaping allows for fast absorption through the blood vessels in the lungs, leading to the quickest dispersion of CBD in the body of any product. Also, many CBD vaping products come in a wide variety of flavors! Can’t argue with that.

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