Critical Mass Strain: The Perfect 1:1 Ratio

Ever since CBD has gone mainstream, there has been an increasing demand for the product. While CBD is available in all sorts of different forms, ranging from oils to tinctures and extracts, a lot of people prefer to get their CBD the original way: by smoking it in cannabis flower.

While industrial hemp is generally grown to contain nothing but CBD, medicinal marijuana can be bred to contain significant amounts of CBD. There are a lot of different strains that contain high amounts of CBD, and Critical Mass is one of the most unique.

Critical Mass is a very popular strain because it’s one of the first strains to reach a perfect 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.

What is the Critical Mass CBD Strain?

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One of the primary reasons why this strain is so popular is due to its high CBD content. While there is some variation, a majority of Critical Mass CBD strains will feature at least a ratio of 1:1 THC to CBD.

The amount of actual cannabinoids depend on the particular harvest and phenotype of the Critical Mass plants – some have reported having as little as 5% CBD and 5% THC, whereas others have a higher ratio of 10% to 10%.  There have also been some strains of Critical Mass that provide a 2:1 ratio.

There are also actually two strains of Critical Mass. The Critical Mass CBD strain, as you might guess, is bred to contain higher amounts of CBD. This strain was created by blending the original Critical Mass strain with a high CBD strain known as Cannatonic.

Cannatonic itself is a blend of G13 and MK Ultra, and is known for its powerful relaxant effects. The mixture of Cannatonic and Critical Mass has led to a strain of weed that can provide relaxation without sedation and provide impressive relief for a number of symptoms.

The non-CBD Critical Mass originally comes from the Afghani x Skunk #1 plant, and comes in at anywhere between 15%-19% THC.

Critical Mass is known for testing particularly high in regards to all the different cannabinoids. This means that Critical Mass is a particularly effective strain for helping people with medical treatment.

One of the best reasons that Critical Mass CBD is effective is because of the optimal ratio of THC to CBD. It is generally acknowledged that CBD and THC exert their medical effects better when they are used together.

This creates an effect known as the entourage effect, in which different cannabinoids supplement each other’s effect. When people began to breed weed to be high specifically in THC, they unwillingly reduced some of its medical potential by reducing the CBD content.

Is Critical Mass an Indica or Sativa?

Critical Mass CBD is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain.

As the term indica-dominant implies, a strain is rarely a complete indica or sativa these days. Cannabis plants have been bred and cross-bred for so many years that it’s pretty much impossible to find a strain that is pure indica or pure sativa.

It has also been shown that the effects of indica and sativa plants don’t actually vary as much as people thought that they did. While indicas were typically thought to be relaxing and sativas thought to be energizing, the emergence of high-CBD sativa plants has proven that this isn’t necessarily true.

What is the average yield of Critical Mass?

The average yield of a Critical Mass harvest would be about 21 ounces per plant if you grow them outdoors, and 27 ounces per square meter if you grow the plants indoors. The plant grows to be about medium height and flowers within 8-9 weeks

How do you grow Critical Mass?

shutterstock 470312240Critical Mass is a relatively easy strain to grow, and it’s not a bad strain for novice growers to start with. It provides quite a bit of bud for a single yield, and generally grows quite well outdoors.

The ideal temperature range to grow Critical Mass would be in Mediterranean weather, but it can grow quite well anywhere as long as it’s shielded from excessive humidity and rain.

Critical Mass tends to grow large buds. These buds can become quite big and heavy and weigh down the branches, so you might need to get some extra support to hold the plant up.

The best harvest time for Critical Mass grown outdoors is the middle of September.

Concluding Thoughts on the Critical Mass CBD Strain

Critical Mass CBD is one of the best high-CBD strains available.

It’s not a pure-CBD strain, and as such people who are sensitive to THC should be cautious when using it. However, it contains enough CBD to nullify some of the undesirable effects of THC (anxiety and paranoia) that some people experience while continuing to provide medicinal benefits.

Critical Mass is easy to grow and provides a good yield, and is an ideal strain for beginner growers. If you think that it sounds like a good strain for you to experiment with, don’t hesitate to get yourself some seeds or some bud.

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