Is Harlequin The Best CBD Strain? It’s Story and Benefits


The spread of marijuana legalization across Canada, parts of the United States and the rest of the world has also started to legitimize cannabis as both a recreational substance as well as a medical one. Two of the best known cannabis strains that fall into the popular, new medical category are Charlotte’s Web and the Harlequin strain.

Both of these high CBD strains are well known to alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of medical conditions including epilepsy and seizures. However, just because these strains are renowned for their medicinal properties doesn’t mean the average consumer wont’ be able to enjoy it! Let’s take a closer look at the harlequin strain and explore more of it’s amazing benefits and its interesting story.

Harlequin’s Genetics

The Harlequin strain features a rather international history. A sativa dominant hybrid, the harlequin strain owes much of its sativa effects to endemic Swiss, Thai and Colombia landrace strains. This strain’s moderately high CBD content can be attributed to the inclusion of a Nepali landrace indica strain.

This strain’s 3 primary sativa grandfather strains profile keeps the THC content low, as sativa strains tend to have less THC than their indica counterparts while the single indica strain gives Harlequin its robust CBD level.

Harlequin’s Effects

harlequin strain benefits     For those who like Sativa dominant hybrids, then Harlequin is sure to please! Due to its Sativa dominant effects, Harlequin has been reported to have a cerebral, uplifting, and euphoric, effect and yet, it’s also gentle on the mind due to its relatively low THC content while also having a relaxing effect.  The Harlequin strain is perfect for those of us who are more sensitive or averse to the effects of THC, or simply looking for a more subdued, medicinal experience.

This strain’s average average THC and CBD contents are between 7-15% and 4-10%, respectively. Due to its high CBD content, Harlequin is effective at treating anxiety and chronic pain. In fact, many patients who suffer from anxiety and chronic panic laude Harlequin’s ability to replace the pharmaceutical medications commonly prescribed for these medical conditions.

 However, Harlequin’s main attraction seems to be its ability to enable a patient to relax without sedating them while also relieving their pain without overly intoxicating them. In fact, the presence of CBD can actually act to “round out” the THC, making its more severe and undesirable effects less apparent.

Harlequin’s Appearance

harlequin strain information     Unlike most Sativa stains which produce large, fluffy, buds, Harlequin (which is a 75/25 Sativa dominant hybrid) instead takes more to its indica heritage. Harlequin strain buds will be round and dense and colored forest green with bright orange pistils poking through.

Harlequin’s Aroma

    In addition to its great medicinal properties and distinctive appearance, Harlequin also boasts a great aroma. In fact, many users report initially smelling the musky aromas of old wood and fresh soil with the scent of creamy vanilla wafting through. Some users even claim that they’re able to detect hints of mango as well which blends with the musky earth scent to provide a very pleasant olfactory treat!

     However Harlequin’s aroma is neither pungent nor overpowering and thus, it won’t linger in room for very long and thus inadvertently give away its presence.

Harlequin’s Flavor

     As described above, Harlequin has a musky, citrus, vanilla smell which translates through to its taste. When consumed, you might notice a faint sweetness on the tongue combined with a creamy, woody, vanilla flavor containing hints of citrus. However, users also report a sweet floral taste followed by the taste of mangos or dried peaches and even the taste of mint.

These differences in flavour can be attributed to different phenotypes of the harlequin strain, which may have been adapted and changed as the strain spreads through different communities and locales.

     The Harlequin strain’s smell has often been described as a sort of spicy sandalwood while its taste when smoked has been described as deep, musky, and hash-like which does make sense considering its mixed lineage.

What to Expect From Using Harlequin

 harlequin strain pros and cons    While it’s difficult to describe such a subjective experience, smoking Harlequin first greets the user with the familiar energetic, uplifting, euphoric, cerebral high that Sativa strains are famous for while engendering feelings of calmness, happiness, and creativity. Then, the high will slowly transition to one of a relaxed state of pleasant euphoria as the Indica traits begin to affect and moderate the effects of the Sativa genetics. Consequently, Harlequin is a good choice for novice and occasional medical cannabis users as well as for daytime medicating.

     However, what most users will notice more than any other trait is the gradual relaxation and cessation of pain in their bodies due to Harlequin’s moderately high CBD content. Medical marijuana patients who choose the Harlequin strain for relief from anxiety and/or pain will be very pleased with the results.

Final Thoughts on Harlequin

 Considering Harlequin’s exceptionally high CBD content, it is not surprising that it’s such a popular cannabis strain for anxiety, muscle spasms, migraines, and pain.

Being a Sativa dominant hybrid with a low to moderate THC content, the harlequin strain is an effective choice for novice and occasional cannabis users who want to combine the medicinal effects of CBD with the relaxing and euphoric effects of THC.

Additionally, it is well suited as daytime medication due to its ability to make its users feel relaxed, happy, and energized, and yet completely functional at the same time. While there are many different strains of medical cannabis available today, it is not surprising that Harlequin is one the most popular choices among medical cannabis users.

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