A Journey With CBD: Treating Chronic Pain And Sports Injuries

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It is increasingly believed (and proven) that CBD products are vital for athletes, and sports recovery.

Being a professional soccer coach in Europe for the past decade, playing soccer and other sports for many years previous, I feel it is my duty to explain what I’ve learned about the role CBD plays in sports medicine. Everything from pain management, mental stress and inflammation.

It’s a fact, part of being an athlete involves wrestling with stress, anxiety, and body pain on a daily basis. I’ve been taking CBD products for about 3 years now, and so far the effects have been astounding!

My Introduction to CBD Products

cbd oil, cbd products, cbd for pain, cbd for inflammation

Although I knew a little bit about cannabidiol from my interest in marijuana, I myself didn’t start using it myself until February of 2015.

Being a professional soccer player, dealing with pain and injuries is a part of the job.  As birds of a feather flock together, many of my daily conversations involve sports and physical activity. I kept in contact with the father of one of my teams kids throughout the years, and for being in his 50’s he was always in great condition and ready to run as if he was still 20!

Curious as to how he would bounce back so quick, even at his age, he simply said “marijuana”. Now being the father of 3 athletes, and having the idea that smoking pot was going to have the exact opposite effects, I was taken back. It took me some time to come around and give cannabis, and CBD in particular the attention and research it deserved.

Sports Medicine and CBD

cbd oil, cbd products, cbd for pain, cbd for inflammation

This past March though, I suffered a torn ACL which caused my season to finish early. It was hard, but I like to think that this incident was a gateway into the world of cannabidiol, something which I am now a staunch advocate for, and recommend to other athletes every chance I get.

I began to use CBD for inflammation and as a pain reliever as soon as I returned home from Spain. While I was in Spain, doctors had given me a regiment of corticosteroid injections for my back, as well as bi-weekly anti-inflammatory drugs. I was starting to wear down after just a few weeks on this cycle of medications.

While this routine of medication can show results in pain reduction, the side effects are awful! The injections left me sleeplessness, sweaty and terribly uncomfortable. My stomach would be in knots every day, and the pain relief wasn’t even particularly effective.

From my experience, practically tortured by these medications for over a month, I would definitely not recommend these to another athlete, or human being for that matter.

CBD in Sports Medicine: Relief of Chronic Pain and Inflammation

There are many physical jobs in the world, athlete being one of them. Inflammation of muscles, and chronic pain from injuries are all too common in this industry, leaving a wide-open gap for all possibilities of treatment.

This is an especially interesting year for the relationship between athletes and cannabidiol because for the first time, this 2018, it has been removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency Banned Substance List. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an organization which oversees drug testing for athletes all over the planet. By removing CBD from their list of banned substances, a whole new world of pain relief has been introduced to the athletic world.

Struggling with chronic pain is tough. It impacts your ability to succeed at work. For athletes, CBD for pain can be a life-changing solution when dealing with these many obstacles.

Not only that, but there’s been many user-submitted reports of the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD. Inflammation in the muscles and joints is the most common cause of chronic pain for athletes, which makes using all natural, anti-inflammatory drugs so effective.

My Journey With CBD

cbd oil, cbd products, cbd for pain, cbd for inflammation

Since I started using them over a year ago, I’ve played around trying different types of CBD products, and different strengths of doses to see which work best.

One unique aspect about CBD is that everyone needs a different dosage to get the same benefits. Different ages, weights and genders mean a different medicine that is catered to you. It took me a few months to figure out which methods and strengths suited me best.

I usually start off with a pre-measured CBD capsule, typically a 25 to 50mg.

I take this capsule with water right after waking up, and can usually start to feel its effects within about 20 minutes. Starting up with this amount of CBD is important, as CBD products should be treated somewhat as suppliments, most effective when regularly dosed on a daily basis.

After that I typically head off to my physical therapist for my morning stretches. I also like to take CBD in the morning for an energy boost before going to the gym. Following a healthy diet, CBD is a very natural way to enjoy increased energy without the use of pre-workout or other caffeine products.

At the end of my day, I typically take one CBD capsule to know its benefits work all through the night, leaving me in good shape to wake up the next morning.

In addition to this, twice daily I apply a topical CBD balm on legs, and sometimes other muscles which happen to be sore that day.

By diversifying the ways in which I take CBD, I firmly feel its effects are more pronounced, effective and long-lasting.

CBD: The Obvious Choice for Sports Medicine

From my own experience, I can safely say that CBD is one of the best treatments available for athletes dealing with inflammation or body pain.

I advise greater use of CBD in sports medicine due to its ability to pacify muscle pain, treat inflammation, and provide relief for those suffering chronic physical pain. Nothing makes me happier than seeing athletes get to extend their careers and get the most out of life.

But don’t take my word for it, there is a ton of research available online for your viewing pleasure, with more becoming available every day.

All I can say is that CBD has allowed me to live a pain free life, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Lewis Edwards
Professional Soccer Player
English Minor League

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