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CBD Health Benefits List: Guide to Arthritis, Pain, Depression and More

A cannabis leaf and a bottle of hemp oil on a wooden table

It’s frustrating – while cannabis has been legalized in Canada, parts of the US, and a handful of other countries, it remains a Schedule 1 drug at the time of this writing (July 2019) within most of the world, alongside cocaine and heroin. It’s a classification that blocks research on fully understanding the true potential […]

CBD for Depression: Can CBD Complement SSRIs?

Cbd for depression

Over the last decade, an increasing number of people have started using CBD for depression. Why? Perhaps it’s due to a work-life imbalance and high stress with no signs of relief in sight…. Think we’re exaggerating? We are a nation under stress. Consider the following: US life expectancy has fallen for 3 years in a […]

Back Away from the Botox! Why CBD Oil can be a Solution for Better Skin

CBD skincare

If you’ve ever considered botox for warding off the inevitable signs of aging, then the phrase, ‘CBD skincare’ might be the last thing you’ve ever thought about! But hear us out. From the Kardashians to your next-door neighbor, it seems like every man, woman, and, yes, even child, is becoming obsessed with beauty regiments aimed […]

CBD for Cancer: How it’s Showing Promise in Treating Symptoms

Using CBD for cancer

As more research on cannabinoids like CBD is conducted, the big question on every cancer patient’s mind is: “Can cannabis cure cancer?” . To be clear, as of yet, there’s no concrete evidence that using CBD for cancer will cure patients from the deadly disease . While CBD does show promise in specific areas, it’s […]

Using CBD Oil for Chronic Pain: 5 Studies and Tips Before Consuming

Using CBD Oil for Pain Management

Who (and this includes you, dear reader) hasn’t suffered from a bit o’ pain? We aren’t talking about the self-inflicted kind from your breakup last week or the time you hit your thumb with a hammer, but real, true neuro-physical suffering pain that lasted more than 12 weeks? Maybe you went to your general practitioner […]

CBD Oil for Anxiety: Research, Benefits, Potential Side-effects and More!

CBD oil for Anxiety

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or in some underground lair for the past decade or so, you are more than likely aware that living with stress and anxiety is just par for the course these days. Think about it..when was the last time you weren’t stressed-out or anxious about what your boss was […]

CBD and Schizophrenia:  What Does The Research Really Say?


Perhaps your only ever encounter with schizophrenia was on the big screen. Maybe you saw Russel Crow portray the life of mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr., in A Beautiful Mind, which dove deeply into the former’s various struggles with the illness despite his winning a Nobel Laureate in economics. Or, what about The Soloist, another […]

CBD as a Treatment for Arthritis:  What Does the Science Say?

CBD for arthritis

When you hear the word ‘arthritis’, what image comes to mind? Is it an image of your grandma, who, perhaps, can no longer knit? Or a great-uncle that had to go into care because he could no longer tie his own shoes, or button up his favorite golf shirt? You may have heard about CBD […]