Vaping CBD: A Beginners Guide

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If you’ve become curios regarding the benefits of CBD, you’ve probably run down the list of possible ways to take it. Capsules, tinctures, topical balms – all are good options, but there is one in particular which, for certain conditions, blows them all out of the water: Vaping CBD.

For people suffering from chronic pain, or the type of illness which causes sudden, discomforting “flare-ups”, you’re going to want relief quickly. While CBD can be used to treat pain from a number of different causes, one disadvantage is the time it takes for it to integrate into your bodies system. By ingesting it orally, you’re waiting on your body to digest it, which depending on your metabolism could take anywhere for 30 minutes to two whole hours! With vaping, that is no longer an issue.

Vaping CBD – The Benefits
vaping cbd, benefits of vaping cbd

A majority of users report near-instantaneous effects by taking puffs from a CBD vape. Aside from the reduced wait time, vaping is also discreet. You can puff on it in public (giving people their own space of course), and not have to worry about any judging eyes. CBD vapor is often odorless, although many varieties have added flavors to spice up your clouds.

Getting to Know the Gear

Alright so vaping isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are several different types of unit available for purchase, and its important that you know all of the parts that make them up. All vapes have four basic parts: the chamber, otherwise known as the tank, is where the CBD oil is held, the heating element (or “atomizer”) which heats the CBD to vaping temperature, the mouthpiece you inhale from, and of course the battery which powers it all.

Like I said earlier, there are two types of vaporizers you can choose from when it comes to vaping CBD.

vaping CBD, benefits of vaping CBD

We’ll start with the more uncommon one. This is a “pen” type vape which is used for a few different types of concentrates. Basically, this unit has a chamber which use

s a metal heating coil to warm the CBD to its vaporizing temperature, where it is then inhaled. The main issue with these pens is that the heating coils burn out and have

to be replaced. Each one can cost $20 or more.

Another drawback of this type of pen is that as the coil breaks down, it oxidizes through repeated uses. When this happens, metal particles from the coil can be mixed into the vapor and inhaled, which is NOT good for you!

Alright, so the second style of vape is the one people typically think of when you talk about vaping. Big clouds, liquid tank. These types of vapes require that you purchase special CBD vape oil, which is usually made of concentrated CBD oil, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavorings. The heating coil for this one is either wrapped or filled with a substance like cotton to absorb the e-juice and vape it against the coils. This is the type of vape that I would recommend.

vaping cbd, benefits of vaping cbdWith this last vape you have a choice as to the type of tank you’d like to use. There are disposable ones which come pre-loaded with oil, these are sometimes called cartridges. Because they are disposable, this type is usually made with cheaper materials, and if used improperly or are otherwise defective, the coil or wick can malfunction, making the entire vape useless.

The next type is a refillable tank. These are the ones I prefer for a few different reasons. First off, you have more choice when it comes to the brand of CBD oil you’re using. Second, they are of a higher quality overall, with better coils and stronger materials (but the right tool for the job once, I always say). Finally, the environmental benefit! Throw away tanks are difficult to recycle, and more often than not people just throw them in the garbage. It feels good to keep stuff out of the landfill, and I always recommend people try to do their part.

The main problem with these e-liquid CBD pens is concentration. To get the typical recommended dose of 10mg to 30mg of CBD, you’d need to inhale about 1ml worth of e-liquid. That’s about 20 puffs worth. Not such a big deal, but if you’re using one of the disposable models, you are risking the possibility of inhaling the previously mentioned oxidized metal.

Well there you have it, the ins and outs of vaping CBD, the risks and benefits, and a few different types for you to choose from. Now why don’t you head over to and check out the shop section, where they have a few different CBD vaping options for you to consider.

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